JetWarp provides a virtual tour of the property to prospective buyers. People can access JetWarp tours from their desktops or mobile devices. For the fully immersive experience, they need only to connect their device to a VR accessory like Google Cardboard. Using JetWarp, prospective buyers can go through all of the rooms at their own pace interacting with elements of the environment, and making the crucial decision of whether they want to make the trip in person. By giving prospective buyers an in person experience, JetWarp helps save both buyers' and agents' time and energy that is often wasted in showing properties that don't really interest the buyer.

The Process

The process is easy. JetWarp sends in a service provider to capture images of the property. This involves taking a series of pictures with a 360-monopod mounted camera. These pictures are uploaded into the JetWarp system. At that point, extra information can be added like interactive panels that can provide more information about things like construction, appliances, and special characteristics of the property. All the seller or agent has to do is link to the JetWarp hosted tour. While this is very much like the video tours that are already being used, the immersive and interactive experience gives the prospective buyer a better chance to engage.

Being There

People can take JetWarp tours on their desktops or laptops, but the best experience can be had using VR. With an inexpensive accessory nearly any smartphone can be converted into a simple virtual reality device. By experiencing the tours through virtual reality prospective buyers can get the feeling of walking through the property and interacting with it. Unlike video tours, JetWarp tours allow people to move through the property at their own pace. Further, sellers and agents can choose to add informational icons throughout the property that can help propsective buyers learn more about the property as they choose. By being able to move through the property and interact with it, people are more likely to connect and become engaged. Check it out!

Tiers and Package Options

Base Package

Unlike many similar providers in this space, JetWarp offers all clients a complete representative point-by-point tour of your property, without limits or redundancies in the number of points to be photographed. JetWarp always captures as many panoramas as are needed to give online visitors the sense that they've fully toured the grounds, and offers a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Full Facility

For large-scale properties, such as office buildings, our base offering will include a series of detailed captures equivalent to a fully-representative linear walkthrough of the facility's space. However, at a more premium price point, JetWarp will remain on-site past the base walkthrough, collecting and assembling material "off the beaten path", to provide an experience that allows browsers to view all of a facility's visible space.

Bulk Discounts

For realtors who have a large portfolio of properties they wish to exhibit through JetWarp, we offer volume discounts for clients scheduling five or more consecutive shoots within three days of each other, as well as on-call subscription plans for a flexible range of properties each month.

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